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Donald Trump meets FIFA President to discuss FIFA 2026

Donald Trump meets FIFA President to discuss FIFA 2026

Donald Trump meets FIFA President to discuss FIFA 2026. United States president Donald Trump on Tuesday met with International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) president Gianni Infantino at the White House to discuss FIFA World Cup 2026 which is to be held in the US. Trump asserted that hosting the World Cup is exciting and the vent will be very

Modi twice as popular on Facebook as Trump

Modi twice as popular on Facebook as Trump

GENEVA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is far ahead of other world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, when it comes to popularity on Facebook, according to a new study which said 43.2 million people follow the Indian premier on the social media platform.Trump, who rules the other social media platform Twitter, is in second place

Donald Trump ordered to lose weight - Here's why

Donald Trump ordered to lose weight – Here’s why

Donald Trump ordered to lose weight . United States President Donald Trump has cut down on red meat, since his doctor told him he needs to lose a few pounds. President Trump has cut out his favourite Big Macs from McDonald’s and has been eating more fish, salads and soups. It’s been two weeks since Trump ate a hamburger,

Mahatma's original letter on Jesus Christ up for sale

Mahatma’s original letter on Jesus Christ up for sale

WASHINGTON: A letter written by Mahatma Gandhi, in which he discusses the nature of existence of Jesus Christ, is up for sale and could be purchased for US $ 50,000. The letter dated April 6, 1926 was written by Gandhi from his Sabarmati Ashram in India. Typed in faint ink and with a bold, unaffected signature,

Trump Jr. arrives

Trump Jr. arrives in India

United States President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr, who is on a week-long visit to India, arrived here on Tuesday. During the week-long trip, Donald Trump Jr. will not only endorse his luxurious residential project-Trump Towers, but he is scheduled to deliver a speech on foreign policy in India.Trump Jr. will meet with Indian investors and business leaders in Kolkata, Mumbai, Puneand Gurugram respectively, The Washington Post reported. The eldest

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla

Death threats have been made against me, family: Bhalla HOUSTON: Indian-American Ravinder Bhalla, who became the first Sikh mayor of New Jersey’s Hoboken city, has publicly acknowledged that death threats were made against him and his family recently. In a statement issued Friday afternoon following a security breach at City Hall, Bhalla said the city is

Ex-Playboy model claims having affair with Trump

New York, Feb 17, A former Playboy model claimed that she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006 and has also described the US President’s alleged system for concealing affairs, a media report said. The New Yorker in the report on Friday said that Trump met Karen McDougal in June 2006 after he taped

Trump and Kim fakes thank Olympics for kind welcome

Pyeongchang (South Korea), Feb 10, Lookalikes of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un who caused a stir at the Pyeongchang Olympics opening ceremony have thanked organisers for their tender loving care. The feuding ‘world leaders’ yesterday sparked excitement when they infiltrated the press area before being tackled by security. But the Kim impersonator, who goes

Trump 'not aware' of royal wedding invite

Trump ‘not aware’ of royal wedding invite

US President Donald Trump has said he is not aware of any invitation to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. On whether he had received an invite for the May 19 wedding, Trump told British journalist Piers Morgan here: “Not that I know of”. He said Prince Harry and Markle looked “like

Trump follows PM Modi’s steps for country’s development: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh [India] : – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development policies for country’s growth even inspired United States President Donald Trump.“When U.S. President Donald Trump was asked how he will work for the development of his country, he answered just like Prime Minister Modi is

Eric Trump defends president over racism: ‘My father sees one color: green’

Eric Trump defended his father from accusations of racism on Wednesday by saying the president “sees one color: green”. In an interview on Fox & Friends, the Fox News morning show that Donald Trump frequently tweets at and about, the president’s son responded to reports that his father had called several Central American and African

N Korea calls Trump nuclear button boast the ‘bark of a rabid dog’

Seoul, Jan 16, North Korea today denounced President Donald Trump’s tweeted message that he has a bigger nuclear button than its leader Kim Jong-Un as the “spasm of a lunatic” and the “bark of a rabid dog”. Kim used his annual New Year address to warn he has a “nuclear button” on his table, sweetening

Trump cancels UK trip over 'bad deal' embassy

Trump cancels UK trip over ‘bad deal’ embassy

US President Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to Britain due to disappointment over a “bad” US embassy. He tweeted late on Thursday that he was not a big fan of the Obama administration that sold “perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts'”, only to build a new one in an

US hopes Pakistan would ‘turn over’ terrorists

Washington, Jan 12, The US today hoped that Pakistan would honour its commitment and do the “right thing” by turning over the terrorists to it, a Trump administration official. “I have a feeling, I am hopeful that Pakistan will do the right thing and turn over the terrorists and honour their commitment,” Steven Goldstein, the

Trump Tower fire

Three injured in New York’s Trump Tower fire

Trump Tower fire: Three people have suffered injuries in the fire that broke out on the roof of the Trump Tower in New York. According to the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the fire broke out in the building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit system on Monday. “The injuries were to a firefighter who was hurt when debris fell on him,

Trump says willing to speak to Kim Jong-un

Trump says willing to speak to Kim Jong-un

US President Donald Trump has said that he was willing to speak to North Korean’ Kim Jong-un. Asked at a news conference on Saturday at Camp David (Trump’s country retreat in Maryland) whether he would be interested in speaking to Kim, the President said that he always believed in dialogue, reports Efe news.”Our stance, you

Twitter explains why it won't block Donald Trump

Twitter explains why it won’t block Donald Trump

Once again sidestepping whether Donald Trump’s tweets violates its terms of service, the micro-blogging platform has clarified that it will not block world leaders from tweeting. Although it didn’t directly name Trump, in a blog post called “World Leaders on Twitter”, the company said on Friday that there has been a lot of discussion about

US suspending military equipment delivery

US suspending military equipment delivery, most aid to Pakistan

US suspending military equipment delivery: Taking the strictest action against Pakistan, the US has announced that it was freezing most security aid and the delivery of military equipment because Islamabad continues to shelter terrorists despite several warnings from President Donald Trump and other leaders. “We will not be delivering military equipment or transfer security-related funds to

H-1B visa

Amendments in H-1B visa rules creates troubles for Indian techies

India may be looking at upwards of 500,000 of its “skilled” work force returning home from America after the Trump administrations proposal of not extending H-1B visa of those waiting for permanent residency (Green Card) is implemented. Under the existing laws in the US, an outside worker having an H-1B visa can remain in the US for up

Trump responds to Kim Jong-un's 'nuclear button' remark

Trump responds to Kim Jong-un’s ‘nuclear button’ remark

Trump responds Kim Jong-un nuclear button remark: US President Donald Trump responded to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s claim of having a nuclear button on his desk, saying that he too has one which is “much bigger” and “more powerful”. “North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un just stated that the ‘nuclear Button is on his desk